What type of handles for wooden furniture? 0

How to choose handles for wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture or those made of MDF covered with veneer are the latest trend. A reference to the style of the 1960s is a return to dark, oak or walnut fronts. So what handles should you choose for wooden furniture? There is no clear answer, but I will try to go through different styles and effects visual, which can be achieved by selecting appropriate handles.

In the article you will find:

1. Handles for wooden fronts

2. What colors are best to combine handles with wooden furniture?

3. What shapes of handles suit wooden furniture?

4. What materials should be combined with wooden furniture?

Handles for wooden fronts

Wood is a warm, cozy material that makes us feel at home. More and more often, we choose natural materials to be closer to what mother earth has given us on a daily basis. We leave concrete spaces because we know that contact with nature is the best therapy for all ailments. When it comes to accessories and handles, which should be chosen for wooden furniture, definitely the most natural ones, with organic shapes. Curves with a satin finish will suit best.


What colors are best to combine handles with wooden furniture?

Golden brass handles will beautifully complement the warmth of the wood. You can choose from various shapes and forms as well as the type of finishing. They beautifully changed the color of raw brass to old gold, while the lacquered one will remain bright and shiny.

Black handles for wooden kitchen furniture will also work beautifully. They will add a tough character and minimalism. In my subjective opinion, those with a matte finish will suit. This solution will be more classic and elegant.

The cold color of stainless steel will stand out beautifully against the background of warm wooden fronts. Silver handles for brown furniture are a great way to create a contrasting, distinctive interior. A kitchen with wooden fronts and silver handles is the quintessence of the Scandinavian style, in which naturalness is combined with pragmatism and longevity.


What shapes of handles suit wooden furniture?

Wood is nature and is best combined with handles with organic shapes. Round, bulging, without sharp edges, which will harmonize harmoniously with the texture of the wood. Also pay attention to the surface finish. The same shape will look completely different in gloss and matte. Polished brass goes well with retro and classic style, but in modern interiors it may border on kitsch. Here I strongly recommend a brushed or matte finish.


What materials should be combined with wooden furniture?

A very elegant solution is the combination of wood and marble. Recent trends show how majestically and timelessly these two materials combine. Marble knobs against the background of wooden furniture look amazing, especially those with very visible veining. A contrasting combination, i.e. dark fronts and light marble or a more subdued option where the brown stone intertwines with the wood grain.

Another material that will complement wooden furniture is brass. This timeless alloy has been present in elegant and dignified interiors for centuries. Its beauty is guaranteed by a specific way of aging, captivating with the color of old gold.

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