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Window handles

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Window handles

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Products: 2

Window handles

Brass window handles are a beautiful accent on such a common building element as window joinery. Window handles are an important element of window equipment and affect their functionality and aesthetics. They should be carefully matched to the style of the interior already at the stage of ordering windows. In our offer, you can choose between modern ones, matching the T-Bar handles, and those in a classic or retro style, dominated by rounded shapes.

The plastic windows that you find in developer apartments or those from the secondary market usually have white plastic fittings that look very average. with our window handles you can change it very easily. Add elegance and brilliance to ordinary windows.

MARBELO window handles - Open and tilt

Window handles available in our offer allow you to use all the factory functions of the window. Depending on the position in which you set them, you can tilt or open the frame. This will allow you to enjoy the perfect temperature in your home.


Window handles

Window handles are made of brass in a brushed finish, covered with varnish to protect against patination. They can be easily replaced in existing wooden or plastic windows, because they have a standard pin and screw spacing. They will also fit as door handles for balcony or terrace doors.

Decorative window handles

Decorative window handles are decorative elements that are used to give the window style and emphasize the character of the frame. Our fittings are made of noble brass in a brushed texture, which beautifully reflects the light and is very pleasant to the touch. The handles are covered with varnish, which will protect them against patination, but on special order we can make them without varnish. If you are looking for decorative window handles, there are several factors to consider, such as the style of the window and its functionality, to match the handles with the rest of the interior. By choosing our fittings, you can be sure that they will be easy to use and durable over time.

Bolt spacing: 4.3 cm

Stem dimensions: 0.7 x 0.7 cm

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