How to choose kitchen cabinet handles? 0

How to choose kitchen cabinet pulls and handles? 

Furniture handles are not only a practical element of kitchen equipment, but also a key detail that affects the aesthetics of furniture and the interior as a whole. Thanks to them, you can adapt the furniture to a specific style of the interior. By choosing decorative handles in a classic style, we will give the furniture elegance and style, while handles in a minimalist style will make the furniture look modern and neat. In this article, you will learn what types of handles are available on the market, what functions they perform, and how to properly select handles for various furniture to achieve the desired effect in your interior.


1. Functionality of the handles

2. Selection of handles in terms of design and furniture

3. Practical tips when choosing furniture handles

4. Single handles, i.e. furniture knobs

5. Pull bar handles - simple and classy

6. Marble handles or elegance in harmony with nature

The functionality of the handles

Each type of handle offers different functions. Railing handles and knobs ensure a comfortable grip, edge handles discreetly blend in with the surroundings, and hidden handles allow you to maintain a minimalist look of furniture. Before choosing a handle, it is worth considering what features are most important to us.

Selection of handles in terms of design and furniture

Choosing the right furniture handles is crucial for the overall appearance of the interior. To achieve a harmonious effect, it is worth considering the style of the furniture and the character of the interior.

If you have classic furniture, decorative or vintage handles will perfectly emphasize the traditional character. In modern furniture, pull bar handles will work best, which will strengthen the minimalist design.

Decorative furniture handles, although seemingly small, have the power to change furniture and give it a new life, leaving a distinctive mark in our interiors. It is a simple and creative way to transform an ordinary piece of furniture into a real gem that will delight us and our guests.

In addition to the style, it is worth paying attention to the color and material of the handles. Metal handles match most furniture, but we can also choose from black, gold or stainless steel. The choice of color should match the rest of the equipment, e.g. the color of countertops or furniture fronts.

Practical tips when choosing furniture handles

Before buying the handles, carefully measure the place where they will be mounted and the spacing of the holes to avoid unnecessary problems with their adjustment. Also, make sure that the handles you choose are sufficiently durable and ergonomic to ensure comfort when using the furniture.

Single handles - furniture knobs

Furniture knobs are versatile pieces that go well with different types of kitchen furniture. Their universal character and variety of designs, shapes and materials allow them to be matched to many kitchen styles. Here are some types of kitchen furniture that furniture knobs fit:

Kitchen cabinets: Furniture knobs fit perfectly with doors and drawers in kitchen cabinets. They can give a classic, modern, rustic or minimalist character, depending on the chosen pattern and material.

Kitchen chests: Chests of drawers often function as additional storage space and can be equipped with drawers or doors. Furniture knobs are perfect for opening those drawers and doors, adding an attractive touch.

Kitchen showcases: Showcases, especially those with glass doors, can be decorated with furniture knobs that will add elegance to them and emphasize the items displayed in them.

Spice racks: Furniture knobs can be used as handles for spice racks, which will not only make them easier to access, but also add charm to the interior of the kitchen.

Pull bars - simple and classy

Pull bars handles are a great solution for kitchen furniture, especially cabinets and drawers. They are characterized by a long, rectangular shape that resembles a railing or handrail, hence their name. They are very practical and aesthetic, which makes them a popular choice in modern and minimalist kitchens. Here's why rail handles are so desirable in kitchen equipment:

Comfortable use: The railing handles have a long and flat shape that makes them easy to grip with your fingers. Thanks to this, opening drawers and cabinets becomes more convenient, especially when our hands are full.

Modern look: Rail handles have a simple, modern design that fits many kitchen styles, especially those with a minimalist character. They add subtle elegance and neatness to cabinets and drawers.

Marble handles or elegance in harmony with nature

Marble handles are luxurious and elegant accessories that give the furniture a unique look. Made of natural stone, such as marble, these handles are a bold combination of austerity and delicacy, which attracts attention and adds prestige to interiors. Marble comes in a variety of patterns that create interest

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