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Marble furniture knobs

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Marble furniture knobs

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Products: 12
Products: 12

Furniture knobs with marble - the effect of naturalness in the interior

Marble knobs make the piece of furniture gain dignity and timeless class. One dominant detail allows you to organize the space in which you will feel special. Perfect for modern furniture, but they are also perfect as retro handles, complementing the character of vintage furniture. Knobs with real stone are a return to nature in your interior. The coolness of the marble rock is a symbol of imperishability, peace and stability, which, when hosted in our interiors, ensure enveloping security. By styling furniture in the kitchen or bathroom with such additions, we take the space to a completely different level.

Natural marble furniture knobs

If you like natural, subtle jewelry, you can also surround yourself with it in your favorite spaces by choosing furniture knobs with marble. They will perfectly enhance the look of even Ikea furniture. Our offer includes knobs with filling made of stones such as Banco Carrara, Nero Marquina, Rosa Portogallo, Labradorite or the classic Emperador Dark. They can be matched to the kitchen worktop or enliven, enrich the buildings with accents, such as these elegant, original brass furniture knobs. The stones in our products are cut from a uniform piece of natural rock, extremely durable, thanks to which they will prove themselves as handles for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Our goal is to create a collection from which you can compose a variety of projects, even the most extravagant ones.

Knobs with natural stone

Marble furniture knobs - simple forms of bodies made of noble alloys, such as brass and stainless steel, filled with natural stone. Such details are a recipe for a unique piece of furniture that will please the eye regardless of passing trends. The marbles and granites used for the production of our handles are natural rocks, cut and polished from a monolith, thanks to which each knob has a different veining pattern and shade. Natural cracks, colors and different sizes of crystals are their undoubted advantage. Here you will not find any frames and schemes, it is a real treat for fans of natural design.


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