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What type of handles for wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture or those made of MDF covered with veneer are the latest trend. A reference to the style of the 1960s is a return to dark, oak or walnut frontsSo what handles should you choose for wooden furniture? There is no clear answer, but I will try to go through different styles and effects visual, which can be achieved by selecting appropriate handles.

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How to choose kitchen cabinet handles?

Furniture handles are not only a practical element of kitchen equipment, but also a key detail that affects the aesthetics of furniture and the interior as a whole. Thanks to them, you can adapt the furniture to a specific style of the interior. By choosing decorative handles in a classic style, we will give the furniture elegance and style, while handles in a minimalist style will make the furniture look modern and neat. In this article, you will learn what types of handles are available on the market, what functions they perform, and how to properly select handles for various furniture to achieve the desired effect in your interior.

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